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    A scent. A memory. A taste. SWEET believes we all need and deserve a sweet treat. We strive to create desserts that evoke memories and hopefully, create new ones as well. We work with local farmers and providers to source (indulge?)as much NW goodness as possible. We create pastries to make everyday special as well as desserts for special occasions.

    While we have a set menu, we welcome customers to contact us with special requests.


  • MENU:


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    Sweet Treats




    *Chocolatiest Brownie 4.25 each(special orders minimum of 6 brownies)

    Cookies - (dozen minimum order) 24.00

    *Double chocolate, *Snickerdoodle, Shortbread(rotating flavors), Thin Chocolate Chip Crisp, *Golden Oats, *Old Fashioned Molasses, *Chocolate Chunk, NEW! Lemon Crisps, NEW! *Chocolate sandwich cookie, NEW! *Neapolitan cookie, NEW! Brookies


    Custom Decorated Sugar cookies

    $36.00 per dozen


    Fruit Tart (4 inch tart shortbread crust filled with vanilla bean pastry cream, topped with seasonal fruit)

    6.50 each (minimum order 6)


    Mini Bundt Cake 4.00

    Fruit Bar (NW jam!) 3.50

    Pound cake slabs 4.25(special orders minimum four slabs)

    Cupcakes 3.50 and 2.00 for mini (special orders minimum of one dozen cupcakes)

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    Good Morning!

    Scones (special order minimum six)

    Quick bread slices

    Muffins (special order minimum one dozen)

    Buns (rotating cinnamon, chocolate, or fruit)

    Special orders, a dozen minimum

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    Take the cake

    Whole cakes

    6 inch round cake (serves 4-6) starts at 60.00

    8 inch inch round cake (serves 12-14) starts a 80.00 (Tarts are 9 inches)

    9 inch round cake (servies 15-22) starts a 95.00

    Other sizes available upon request

    All cakes can be transformed into wedding cake layers. Pricing is dependent on design and starts at 5.00 per serving.


    Banana Cake- Moist banana cake filled with bananas sautéed in butter and brown sugar layered with slightly sweetened crème fraiche and covered with chocolate ganache or cream cheese frosting.

    Carrot Cake- A rich cake laced with pineapple, coconut, and walnuts filled with a buttery cream cheese frosting.

    Cheesecakes- A classic New York style cheesecake baked in a water bath. Variety of flavors are available.

    Coconut Cake- An airy white cake filled coconut pastry cream and covered with an extraordinary coconut meringue frosting.

    Fresh Fruit Tart- Shortbread crust filled with pastry cream, layered with seasonal fruit. SEASONAL


    Lemon Cream Tart- Meyer lemon curd fills a shortbread crust.

    Triple Chocolate Cake- Four layers of chocolate buttermilk cake filled with bittersweet chocolate ganache and covered with a semi-sweet chocolate ganache.

    Vanilla Genoise- A very light, traditional white cake filled with any combination of mousse, curd, etc. Delicious covered in buttercream, cream cheese frosting, or even chocolate ganache!


    Cupcakes-carrot, vanilla, chocolate, and coconut cupcakes available with your choice of frosting-ganache, cream cheese frosting, or buttercream. We can create a cupcake to accommodate your celebration. Ask about our wedding cupcakes!

    Cupcakes start at $3.50 each (mini's 2.00 each) with a minimum order of one dozen.


    Brownie cake!

    The chocolatiest brownie in a six inch round cake!

    Serves 3-4 /$40


    Rainbow Cake

    Six layers of fluffy vanilla cake in a rainbow of colors filled with vanilla bean buttercream.

    Eight inch cake serves 10-12





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